"Rila" iPhone 11 Pro Genuine Leather Wallet Case

Personalised Initials on our Premium Leather iPhone 7 Wallet Phone Case

Personalised Initials on our Premium Leather iPhone 7 Wallet Phone Case

"Rila" iPhone 11 Pro Max Genuine Leather Wallet Case

  • Painstakingly Selected Genuine Leather iPhone 11 Pro Max Wallet Case
  • Colour Matched TPU Phone Holder - for extra style and protection
  • 100% tailored fit for the iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Wallet, Card Holder and iPhone 11 Pro Max Case: Everything You Need In One Place For Extra Security
  • Reversed Strong Magnetic Closing Tab
  • Smooth Finish for extra durability
  • Padded for soft touch luxury
  • Free RFID Blocking Cards included
  • Re-Purposable Packaging
  • Stylish design in a range of different colour options and patterns including Vintage Blacks, Browns, Reds and Blues
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With over 10 years in designing phone cases here in the UK, The Rila combines multiple innovative features with premium materials and a true sense of style to produce a class leading iPhone 11 Pro Max Real Leather Wallet Case.

For years’ consumers have had to put up with:

  • Credit and ID cards being corrupted because the magnetic closing tabs have placed the magnets adjacent to the card storage slots unless
  • Weak Magnets are used to avoid the problem with the case often flapping open as a result of the compromised design
  • The closing tab on most cases having been carefully placed to poke right-handed users (who usually hold the phone in their left hand) in the eye

and nowadays more and more of us have to worry about fraudulent or mistaken payments taken from our Contactless Payment or Travel Cards.

We are pleased to boast that the Rila iPhone 11 Pro Max Genuine Leather Wallet Case and Credit Card Holder is a clear example of how the Ed Hicks Way is the right way to go since we have

  1. Used Painstakingly Selected Genuine Leather iPhone 11 Pro Max Wallet Case for that lovely tactile feel and smell of the real thing and which will develop a lovely patina over time
  2. Selected a Smooth Finish on the leather for extra durability
  3. Added Extra Padding for an even softer touch
  4. Added a Colour Matched TPU Phone Holder to enhance the overall look and style - whilst maximising drop and scratch resistance. The flexible holder enables you to easily take the iPhone 11 Pro Max Pro Max in and out of the case for when you want to move it to a car or bike holder. 
  5. “Reversed” the closing tab to Keep the Tab from getting in the majority of users’ eyes and to STOP Credit and ID Card Corruption
  6. incorporated an Ultra-Strong Magnet in the tab to keep the case closed, even with lots of cards inside.
  7. allowed the case to Fold Back Fully - for greater ease of use
  8. included an RFID Blocking Card which works with the phone to help prevent Contactless Card Double Payment or Fraud

The high quality real leather, superior stitching, colour matched holder and general branding and appealing design are just par for the course for products produced The Ed Hicks Way.

Meanwhile ALL our Phone Cases, Card Holders and Wallets are dispatched in Colourful Microfibre Pouches, ideal to keep and repurpose as Soft Sunglasses Cases or to store and find those small knick-knacks that otherwise get lost. They are so good we even sell them as "stand alone" products with a review score of 4.7/5!


Note regarding Genuine Leather - Being made of a natural material, every item is unique and it may occur that the leather presents some irregularities of texture or colour. Please also bear in mind that real leather will scuff but can usually be brought back to perfection with a good quality leather polish.

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