This is the story of a young French woman who in the midst of her quarter life crisis, decided to start a new life in the UK.

Making average latte art at the local coffee shop to pay the bills, she came to know a Scottish entrepreneur who was happily establishing himself within the world of phone accessories.

All was well until one cursed day, where it was reported to David (the Scotsman) that one of his products had started splitting and breaking (Apple products lovers: look away now) leaving the client’s iPhone unprotected for the rest of the day. Terrible, we know.

The case was swiftly replaced, the tears dried and the prayers prayed for the issue to remain what it was called at the time: a One-Off. But as time passed, an increasing amount of iPhones were tragically left unprotected as more and more cases were reported to be breaking. Tragic indeed.

Whilst concocting David’s usual poison (white Americano, one sugar – thank you), Caro (the French) couldn’t help but notice that David, normally sarcastically witty, looked concerned. A chat between some table clearing informed Caro of the situation and led her to share David’s concern, until a question eventually came to her mind. A simple question that would change everything: “Why plastic?”.

Followed a few month of researching, designing, prototyping and testing what they thought could be, finally, the saviour of all iPhones of the world: the Unbreakable Case (we later settled down for the “Rise”).

And so was born Ed Hicks and what we now call “the Ed Hicks Way”, a state of mind, a “philosophy”, there to remind us that dreams can come true: take a step back, look at the World with brand new eyes, and never give up!

That’s the Ed Hicks way!

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